Repere psiholingvistice și socio(in)culturale. Pentru un repertoar de transpunere scenică a comicului de limbaj caragialian

Cristian Stamatoiu, Universitatea de Arte din Târgu Mureș
2021 Cercetări teatrale  
The study identifies the necessity of opening new access paths towards the subtleties of Caragiale's texts for any type of reader, even though they are specifically aimed at the theatrical producers of his comedies. Renouncing the classic literary-dramatic analyses, we will investigate the abysmal psychology of the characters and their interrelationships on the paths of the popular etymologies, as symptoms of the inherent lack of culture for any category of impostors. Ostensibly preposterous in
more » ... their tragic precariousness, these "acts of failed discourse" will reveal the true personality of the ... per-so-nullity (!), which, if ignored, would lead to the failure of an authentic stage presence of the character. These decryptions can then be classified as a practical tool for working on the stage: a Glossary that will provide a solid basis for developing the vision of each stage artist, critic or competent reader/spectator of Caragiale.
doi:10.46522/ct.2021.02.01 fatcat:76xoo2as6zh6dfd2t6dti3uthi