Functional Analysis of Carboxy-Terminal Deletion Mutants of c-Myb

Duen-Mei Wang, John W. Dubendorff, Colleen H. Woo, Joseph S. Lipsick
1999 Journal of Virology  
The c-myb gene is implicated in the differentiation and proliferation of hematopoietic cells. Truncations of the N and/or C terminus of c-Myb, found in v-Myb, can potentiate its transforming ability. Two negative regulatory subregions, located in the C terminus, were mapped previously by using GAL4–c-Myb fusion proteins in transient transfection assays for the transcriptional activation of a GAL4-responsive reporter gene. To dissect the C terminus of c-Myb in terms of its involvement in
more » ... ptional activation and oncogenic transformation, a series of C-terminal deletion mutants of c-Myb were analyzed. In addition, linker insertion mutants within the transactivation domain and/or heptad leucine repeat of c-Myb were examined along with those deletion mutants. In this study, we demonstrated that the removal of both of the two previously mapped negative regulatory subregions from the native form of c-Myb not only supertransactivates a Myb-responsive reporter gene but also potentiates its transforming ability in culture. However, in contrast to previous results, cells transformed by all of the mutants analyzed here except v-Myb itself exhibited the same phenotype as those transformed by c-Myb. The proliferating cells were bipotenial and differentiated into both the granulocytic and monocytic lineages. This result implies that the C terminus of c-Myb alone has no effect on the lineage determination. Finally, the transactivation activities of these mutants correlated with their transforming activities when a mim-1reporter gene was used but not when a model promoter containing five tandem Myb-binding sites was used. In particular, a very weakly transforming mutant with a linker insertion in the heptad leucine repeat superactivated the model promoter but not the mim-1reporter gene.
doi:10.1128/jvi.73.7.5875-5886.1999 fatcat:hfnyvyz42bhkvbndmadkcrbdti