D. H. Schell, L. A. Wertz
1966 unpublished
This report was prepared a s an account of Government spon8ored work. Neither tbe United States, nor the Commieston, nor any person acting on behalf of the Commission: A. Makes aay warranty or representation, expressed or implied, wlth respect to the accuracy, completeness, or uaefulnese of the information contained in t b i~ report, or that the uee of any lnformatlon, apparatue, metbod. or process disclosed in this report may not infringe privately owned rights; or B. Assumes any Uabflities
more » ... s any Uabflities vfth respect to the uee of. or for damages resulting from the use of any Information, apparatus, method, or process discloeed in this report. As used in the above, "peraon acting on behalf of the Cornmissloas' ~nctudee' any mmployee or contractor of the Commission, or employee of such contractor, to the exteat W t much employee or contractor of t & Commission, or employee of such contractor prepares, dlsaemlnates, or provides access to, any information pursuant to hie employment or contmct with the Commission, or his employment with such contractor. This report expresses the opinions of the author o r authors and does not necessarily reflect the opinion8 o r views of the Los Alamoa Scientific Laboratory. Printed in the United .,-his report was prepared an account of ~ovemFdent sponsored work. Neither the United nor the comdsslon, nor any person acUng o& behalf of tbe COrndsslon: A, h,aes any warranty representation, expressed o r implied, wllh respect to the accu-/ raoy. romploteness, or of the information contained In lhls report. or that !he use I ployee or e o n~a c t o r of the commission, or employee 01 such conlmctnt, w h c 0aent that , employee , , , . contrartor of the Commlsslon. o r employee of such contractor Preparesi dissem,nates, or p r o~d c s acoess m. any inforulatioh purn~~ant to h b employment o r contract ",$th t h ~q m d s s~o n , or his employment with such c'onuacbr. ABSTRACT Waphitc pieces were made hy hydrostatically pressing a thermosetting p l a s t i c bonded mix and processing the pressings through a 2 5 0 0 '~ graphitizing treatment. Pressings made with 85 p a r t s graphite f l o u r and 15 p a r t s T h e m bonded with 27.5 pph Varcum had d e n s i t t e s around and the Shops Department for supportiw work; W. C. Erickson for help I n preparing the report; and J. D. E U i s f o r tmw* . .
doi:10.2172/4358722 fatcat:ydcqz4dj5zfsfamdnyx3kghori