Poultry Science Journal Choosing a Commercial Broiler Strain Based on Multicriteria Decision Analysis

Hosseini Sa, Meimandipour, Lotfollahian, Aghashahi Ar, Amir Meimandipour
2014 Poultry Science Journal   unpublished
Article history: With the complexity and amount of information in a wide variety of comparative performance reports in poultry production, making a decision is difficult. This problem is overcomed only when all data can be put into a common unit. For this purpose, five different decision making analysis approaches including Maximin, Equally likely, Weighted average, Ordered weighted averages and Technique for order preference by similarity to ideal solution were used to choose the best broiler
more » ... e the best broiler strain among three ones based on their comparative performance and carcass characteristics. Commercial broiler strains of 6000 designated as R, A, and C (each strain 2000) were randomly allocated into three treatments of five replicates. In this study, all methods showed similar results except Maximin approach. Comparing different methods indicated that strain C with the highest world share market has the best performance followed by strains R and A.