Impact of Monocrotophos on the Histopathological Changes in the Gills of Mosquito Fish, Gambusia Affinis

Theurkar, Gaikwad, Ghadage, Patil
2014 Research Journal of Recent Sciences   unpublished
Gambusia affinis is a freshwater fish, but occurs also in brackish water. In aquatic resources, fishes are sensitive to the toxic substances mixed into water and deleterious effect of metals or heavy metals on fishes. The mosquitoes are breeding the larvae into the water which is the feeding source of the mosquito fish, called as Mosquito fish. The toxic substances are damage to the organism and degree of the cell damage reflects the various concentrations of the pollutants. In the present
more » ... In the present study an attempt is made to the Monocrotophos, an industrial as well agricultural effluence on Gambusia affinis. 50% mortality was exposure to Monocrotophos on 0.4 ppm at 96 hrs. The impact of Monocrotophos on the gill of Gambusia affinis, gill filaments are twisted and primary axis is in filtered of Gambusia affinis. The gill exhibited a film of coagulated mucous over the gill surface.