Purpose of the housing double stage polypropylene-carbon cartridges filters usage in bath gray water treatment

Maciej Malarski, Marek Kalenik
2020 Przegląd Naukowy Inżynieria i Kształtowanie Środowiska  
Bath gray water organoleptically did not appear to be significantly contaminated liquid. However, in order to re-use them, they need proper treatment. When recirculated in a household, they cannot pose a threat to human life. Based on their appearance, it seems that the solution to the problem is the use of cartridges filter. The article presents the results of the filtration of gray water from the bath through the filtration system with a housing double stage polypropylene-carbon filter
more » ... O and to determine the impact of individual filter layers on wastewater treatment, tests were carried out on a single polypropylene FCPS10 and carbon FCCA filtration cartridge. The aim of the study was to determine the suitability of the selected housing filter cartridges for the treatment of bathing gray water for their reuse. For the tests were used natural bathing gray water from a two-family building inhabited by seven people. Wastewater were fed to the filter with a constant flow rate of 0.1 dm3·s–1. The assessment of the work of the filters based on parameters such as: COD, BOD5, suspension, dry residue, decay and turbidity. The conducted tests have shown a slight improvement in most of the quality parameters of gray water after filtration through selected housing cartridge filters. Only for turbidity, the reduction in the value of the pollution indicator was noticeable. The cartridge fi lters used in tests, acted like ordinary mechanical filtration cartridges. For the considered gray water, the use of analyzed cartridge fi lters can only be used for their initial purifi cation.
doi:10.22630/pniks.2020.29.2.21 fatcat:2c3cmcvoh5dh3cflxiyiomv2lu