Erosion of the cliffs of Outer Cape Cod : tables and graphs [book]

John M. Zeigler, Herman J. Tasha, Graham S. Giese
1964 unpublished
1- The following tables and graphs pbce in convenient storage the results of several years of ca refu l surveying and at the same titne provide rudjmentary interpretation of resu Its by comparing: eros ion rates. The reader will find listed in the bibliography pertinent pubLished papers which analyze these coastal erosion data in great detail. The Marindin Surveys Mr. Henry Marindin, an assistant to the Superintendent of the U . S. Coast and Geodetic Survey, conducted a most interesting and
more » ... hwhile series of measurements which allowed him to determine the rates of erosion on the cliffs and beaches of Outer Cape Cod (Marindin , ·1889, 1891). These were made from August 1887 through 1889. lines in Provincetown Harbor were surveyed in 1890. In brief, Marindin established a series of points , 229 in all,approx imately 300 meters apart along almost the entire eastern coast of Cape Cod and on around the Provincelands hook (Figures 1-6F ). From these points, which he marked in the field by oake n stakes, he pub I ished measured distances and elevations over the ground more or less at ri ght angles to the coast. The elevations were established on a mean sea level daf'.um that he derived from tidal observations made at Chatham, in 1887. Marindin located his or igins in terms of latitude and long. itude but, because of a change in the geodetic grid , it is necessa ry to correct his origins by subtracting· 0. 6 secE>nd from each of his latitudes in order to plot the points on contemporary charts. This survey, .which was carried out under the usual adversities of scrubby vegetation and variable weather,technica lly was an excellent job . After repeating some of his measurements we fully appreciate Marindin 1 s difficulties and accompl ishments. Elevations- Based on Woods Hole levelling from var ious benchma rks some of wh ich we re the same ones used by Marindin Profile Dates-Dates g iven for both surveys, and last date of recovery, i. e . whether the measurements could be re-located or not . Note: Much det:e i I is not stored in th is report , such as the surveyors desc ri pt ions of each origin, photographs of the origin and profile and details of fi eld surveying . This information isst ored in the orig inal field notes in Woods Hole . Miller, R. L. and Zeigler, J. M. -A study of the relation between dynamics crr.u;t sedime nt patterns in the region of shoaling waves. Fifth Internati ona-l Sedimentol. Congr.ess.i:· "Ge neva . Ecologae Helveticae 51 (3): 542-551. 1958. Miller, R. L. and Leigler, J. M.-A model relating dynamics and sed iment pattern in equ i lib ri um in the region of shoaling waves, breaker zone, and foreshore . Jour " Geol . 66 (4): 417_:44 L 1958 . Zeig.ler, J. M., Hayes, C. R. and Tuttle, S . D.-Beach changes during storms on Oute r Cape Cod, Moss . , Jou~: Geol. 67 (3): 318-336. 1959 . Miller, R. L. and Zeigler, J . M . -Comparison of theoretical near-bottom mass · transport vel ocities with observed sediment size and sorting patterns . InternaL Oceanogr. Congress . 1959, 635-36 . 1959. Zeig.ler, J . M . and Tutt.Le. , S.. D. -Beach changes based on daily measu rements·-o{fou r Cape Cod beaches. Jour . Geol. 68 (5) : 583-599. 1961. Zeigler, J. ·M . and Miller, R. L. -A study of sediment distribution in the zone of-shoal ing waves over complicated bottom topography Shepard Commemorative Volume . In press . Zeigler, J. M., Tuttle , S. D., Giese , G raham, and Tasha , Herman-Res idence Time of Sand .on Beaches and Bars of Ou.ter Cape Cod .
doi:10.1575/1912/6921 fatcat:5hs6vjcisrfulj3qu5wly74pl4