ScholarWorks at UMass Boston Women and Homelessness in Massachusetts

Michelle Kahan
2005 unpublished
Problem It's not my home. Things feel so unstable. I don't know when I'll be transferred, how long I might be here. -homeless mother [Homelessness is] nasty, not nice. Especially for a woman. It makes you hard, mean, it makes you a hard woman. It's a hard life.... I look at people [differently] now. I used to be pretty trustworthy, and now I don't trust anybody. It's hard to trust when you are out there. -homeless woman living on the streets Ninety percent of the 1,100 families who utilize the
more » ... tate's shelter system annually are headed by women, as are approximately 20% of the 19,000 -29,000 individuals who stay in Massachusetts emergency shelters each year. In total, a minimum of 5,000 women and 2,000 children annually stay in Massachusetts homeless shelters.