A comprehensive review on incremental deformation in rolling processes

Prajwal Agrawal, Sangeet Aggarwal, Neil Banthia, Udit Suraj Singh, Arnav Kalia, Alexander Pesin
2022 Journal of Engineering and Applied Science (Cairo) (Online)  
AbstractIncremental deformation is a well-known concept among material scientists, when applied with advanced automation it becomes very efficient. It has advanced in leap and bounds over time and has established itself in mainstream industrial applications. Yet, there are a few common problems associated with this technique. Many of these problems are related to predicting material behavior, inaccuracies in setting roller angles and distance, and the velocity of rollers and workpieces. This
more » ... iew paper attempts to concisely present these processes, problems, and the advances that have been made over the years. Firstly, in this review, a detailed overview of the rolling processes, carried out in different academic universities, based on conventional and generic techniques is given. Secondly, an outline of various rolling techniques like thread rolling, incremental rolling, shape rolling, and some other advanced techniques like corrugated rolling, riblet rolling, and symmetric and asymmetric rolling, are discussed in detail with their merits, demerits, and applications. This is followed by a study of recent reports on the finite element methods (FEM), consisting of work on numerical methods by research scholars and practical experiments such as experiments based on the topic like specific material usage or the enhancement of the rolling process through different methods. Finally, a decisive summary of the challenges behind the novel concepts, and the specific domains requiring further enhancements are mentioned.
doi:10.1186/s44147-022-00072-w fatcat:fn2naci5o5bknjhrxe5svxdtqu