D Shreedevi, Apollo
International Journal of Business and Administration Research Review   unpublished
The economic status of a country is directly related to the health status of its people. Good health is one of the most important prerequisite to human productivity, which in turn leads to the overall development of a society. Health is understood as the indispensable basis for defining a person's sense of well-being. It is an important resource for a nation to pursue national development goals. It raises the productivity of the labor force and enhances economic growth. It plays a critical role
more » ... ays a critical role in supplementing government effort in ensuring the availability and accessibility of healthcare services to the population. High of-of-pocket (OOP) health expenditures poses barrier to access to healthcare. Among those who get hospitalized, nearly 25% are pushed below the poverty line by the catastrophic impact of OOP healthcare expenditure. Moreover, healthcare costs are spiraling due to epidemiologic, demographic, and social transition. Hence, the need for risk pooling is imperative. The objective of the paper is to know the awareness of health insurance and the factors affecting the demand for health insurance among working youth. The study is conducted through a questionnaire with a sample of 200. The study highlighted that only 37% of the total sample have subscribed for health insurance and there are five factors as the main barriers to the subscription of health insurance. There is a significant association between education and willingness to pay for health insurance.