Logical, Philosophical and Ethical Aspects of AI in Medicine

Oleg O. Varlamov, Bauman Moscow State Technical University (Bauman University – National Technological University), Moscow, 105005, Russia, Dmitry A. Chuvikov, Larisa E. Adamova, Maxim A. Petrov, Irina K. Zabolotskaya, Tatyana N. Zhilina, and Mivar Ltd, Moscow, 127521, Russia
2019 International Journal of Machine Learning and Computing  
The logical type of Artificial Intelligence is presented in the article. MIVAR (Multidimensional Informational Variable Adaptive Reality) technology is based on the gnoseological triplet concept "Thing -Property -Relationship." The unlimited number of MIVAR units fill the MIVAR space that makes it communicatory, discrete, and scalable. MIVAR information processing allows creating complicated algorithms for medicine. We have chosen the clinical model of pain in the heart for preparation ontology
more » ... reparation ontology for doctors. Knowledge expert model MIVAR WiMi "Chest Pain" is shown. The logical Artificial Intelligence (expert model) can help doctors fast, precisely and in the best way in the decision-making process. Except medical ontology Artificial Intelligence must have an empathic, emotional experience, without that medical care cannot be imagined. MIVAR technology is the closest to human thinking among other Artificial Intelligence technologies; it differs from the Artificial network of Mirror neurons, related to emotional perception, but MIVAR space with rules and constraints can imitate emotions and empathy. Index Terms-Artificial intelligence, clinical model, empathy, ethics, MIVAR, pain in heart.
doi:10.18178/ijmlc.2019.9.6.885 fatcat:gfzm6j3d2zd7loi5pjshoj3lf4