Erratum: "Initial Oxidation of Si(001) Induced by Translational Kinetic Energy of O2 Supersonic Molecular Beams"

Akitaka Yoshigoe, Mutsumi Sano, Yuden Teraoka
2015 Japanese Journal of Applied Physics  
We have performed experiments on surface chemical reactions using a supersonic O 2 molecular beam. Translational kinetic energy values of the supersonic O 2 molecular beams have been estimated by calculations. We have noticed a mistake in the calculations. We had calculated the translational kinetic energy with gas constant R = 1.134 © 10 ¹4 eV/K. However, R = 8.617 © 10 ¹5 eV/K is correct. Consequently, the correct translational kinetic energy values can be obtained by multiplying those in the
more » ... published article by a factor of 0.76. Even if they are corrected, conclusions and the points of arguments are as they are except the translational kinetic energy values themselves. The corrected values are tabulated in the following table. Value in the article Corrected value p. 7026 Abstract 1st line 3.0 eV 2.3 eV Abstract 6th line 1.0 eV, 2.6 eV 0.76 eV, 2.0 eV Right column 22nd line 3.0 eV 2.3 eV
doi:10.7567/jjap.54.039203 fatcat:n6qnhvav3jf45ispkhnsrczlye