Morphological Characterization of Deepwater Rice Genotypes

M.M. Emam Ahmed, Md. Maksudul Haque, A.B.M Arif Hasan Khan Robin, Mohammad Anwar Hossain
2016 Agriculture and Food Sciences Research  
The experiments was conducted to study the early establishment morphological characters of advanced deep water rice.The parameters such as plant height, number of leaves, and number of effective & noneffective tillers were studied with different DAS as treatment in field condition. The genotype BR224-2B-2-5, BR5915-B-7, Bazzail-65 &Gabura showed more plant height at 30 DAS & 60 DAS. But HBJ.A.IV & Bazail-65 showed more plant height at 90 DAS & 120 DAS. BR224-2B-2-5 & BR5915-B-7 showed more
more » ... -7 showed more leaves and tillers at early stage (60 DAS). But HBJ.A.IV &Birpala showed better performance for same characters at later stage (90 DAS, 120 DAS & 150 DAS). The advanced genotype BR224-2B-2-5 is able to establish significantly at early stage as it showed vigorous growth against stress condition present at early stage. HBJ.A.IV and Birpala have potential of producing more leaves and tillers throughout the growth stages and HBJ.A.IV and Birpala is the tall type DWR cultivar as it produced more seedling height and plant height than others. The yield of the genotype BR224-2B-2-5 and BR5915-B-7 are 3.07 t ha-1 and 2.71 t ha-1 respectively. Finally, the advanced genotype BR224-2B-2-5 may be a good source to meet the future challenge.
doi:10.20448/journal.512/2016.3.2/512.2.59.65 fatcat:wqdpwhrekfcffmxsg7uuix6cmy