Evaporation Control using Floating PV System and Canal Roof Top Solar System

Omkar Gaikwad
The crises of energy has been increased over the years due to increasing world population and expansion of ecumenical industries especially for victuals and rudimentary requisites. Most of the energy is consumed in power generation, industries & factories, conveyance, and community sectors. Moreover, in order to consummate our injuctive authorization we are mostly dependent on energy, taken from fossil oil, gas and coal. In developing countries like India, more than 70 percentage of the
more » ... on lives in the rural areas where more than 85 percentage of the energy being consumed emanates from non-conventional sources, the major one being fuel wood. The incrementing cost of conventional fuel in urban areas necessitates the exploration of other energy sources. solar energy provides an alternate source of energy in rural and urban India as a supersession for fossil fuels. We can get the solar energy from sun; the sun is a major source of solar energy.