Hydroxyl (6–2) airglow emission intensity ratios for rotational temperature determination

W. J. R. French, G. B. Burns, K. Finlayson, P. A. Greet, R. P. Lowe, P. F. B. Williams
2000 Annales Geophysicae  
OH(6±2) Q 1 /P 1 and R 1 /P 1 airglow emission intensity ratios, for rotational states up to j¢ = 4.5, are measured to be lower than implied by transition probabilities published by various authors including Mies, Langho et al. and Turnbull and Lowe. Experimentally determined relative values of j¢ transitions yield OH(6±2) rotational temperatures 2 K lower than Langho et al., 7 K lower than Mies and 13 K lower than Turnbull and Lowe.
doi:10.1007/s005850000260 fatcat:ereu3qmlfbhwznfgow5psbitmm