Adding flexibility to a remote memory pager

E.P. Markatos, G. Dramitinos
Proceedings of International Workshop on Object Orientation in Operating Systems  
Traditional operating systems use magnetic disks as paging devices, although the cost of each page fault measured i n p r ocessor cycles continues to increase. In this paper we argue that applications should be given the opportunity to use as backing store either magnetic disk or the memory of idle workstations within the same LAN. We have implemented a p ager that provides this exibility, measured its performance over an Ethernet, and found it to be s u p erior to traditional disk paging. We
more » ... nclude that as the available network bandwidth increases, the use of network memory as backing store b ecomes a evenmore attractive alternative.
doi:10.1109/iwoos.1995.470557 fatcat:ub35iemx25cipntdokxydsv6ea