Search for a 2-Photon Exchange in Inclusive DIS on a Transversely Polarized Hydrogen Target at HERMES

L. De Nardo, A. Lopez-Ruiz, A. Martinez de la Ossa, Donald G. Crabb, Yelena Prok, Matt Poelker, Simonetta Liuti, Donal B. Day, Xiaochao Zheng
2009 AIP Conference Proceedings  
Left-right single-spin asymmetries are measured in inclusive deep inelastic scattering at HERMES, with the goal of searching for a 2-photon exchange signal in the range 0.004 < x < 0.9, 0.1 < g^ < 20 GeV^. In two separate regions, for Q^ > 1 GeV^ and Q^ < 1 GeV^, and for both electron and positron beams, the asymmetries are found to be consistent with zero showing that within the uncertainties no signal is detected.
doi:10.1063/1.3215647 fatcat:a7o5kqmqkngzrnbzwmerro3t6a