Laura-Magdalena Trocan
2013 Agora International Journal of Juridical Sciences  
AbstractInternational Trade Law is a juridical subject presenting certain particularities since theanalysis of the institutions of international trade law cannot be separated from theeconomical, political, social, geostrategic aspects, from the ones related to the sustainabledevelopment, even to the declaration of certain spaces as the common patrimony of humanity,as it is, at the same time, a subject having a continuous and ample evolution. Internationaltrade constitutes the object of this
more » ... dical matter containing norms of intern law, byorganizing and regulating the foreign trade of every state, conflict norms applicable to thejuridical reports of foreign trade and norms of international public law applicable to thecommercial relations between the states. In this light, international trade law is aninterdisciplinary juridical subject with different regulations. This paper wants to present themultidisciplinary valences of international trade law, in report to the juridical normsconstituting the content of this subject.
doi:10.15837/aijjs.v7i3.681 fatcat:hilz5ap6mzbqpjpkvftxufrgau