Hygienic Analysis of Micronutrients Consumption Degree in Daily Diet of the Pupils that Live in Rural Conditions of Fergana Valley

M. Nasridinov, N. Ermatov, M. Akhunova
2022 Zenodo  
: The research involves 481 (61,3%) male and 303 (38,7%) female pupils in the hygienic assessment of daily consumption of micronutrients by the children and teenagers that live in rural areas of the Fergana region. The research assesses the conformity of the diet of pupils with the San NandR 0007-2020 requirements of "The average daily diet norms for providing a healthy diet for age, gender and professional groups of the population of the Republic of Uzbekistan". During winter-spring and
more » ... autumn seasons, pupil's consumption degree of bakery products tends to be 133,7-115,6%, their consumption of mung bean, phaseolus, and cicer of legume products is 2,3 times less in the winter-spring season and 2,1 times less in the summer-autumn season, and their consumption of rice and porridge is 56,6-43,3% in relation with the norm. Moreover, there are not enough fish, dairy, and meat products in their diet. However, sugar, confectionery, and margarine exceed the norm 1,7 times in the winter-spring season and 1,3 times in the summer-autumn season. In the consumption of micronutrients, retinol reaches 79,8-93,8% and 81,1-91,8%, tocopherol reaches 63,8-73,5%, and other vitamins also don't conform with the physiologic norm and hypovitaminosis causes difficulties in pupils' growth and development.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.6579790 fatcat:25gubqc4p5ekzkjd4lvl3bqs5u