Machine for Dotting Tulles and other Light Fabrics

1881 Scientific American  
The tailings from purifiers 3,4, 5, and 6, the material from and the bolting chests are driven by uprights dropped MACHINE FOR DOTTING TULLES AND OTHER the reel following the second germ rolls. which is too good from this 8haft. The combined smutter and brush machine UGHT FABRICS. for shorts, but not good enough to be returned into middlings is on the third floor at one end of the lJolting chests and again, and the tailings from the reel following the first germ directly over the stock hoppers.
more » ... the stock hoppers. This comprises all the DOTTED or chenilled tulles are fabrics extensi vely used in rolls are sent to the red dog rolls, which, as I have stated, machinery in tbe mill. The programme is about as the toilet of ladies, and the ornamentation of which has are finely corrugated. Following these rolls is the red dog follows: hitherto been done by the application to the tissue, by hand, reel. The flour goes to the red dog bin, the tailings to the The break reels are clothed as follows: First break No. either of che�ille or of sm . all circles previously cut . out of shorts bin. while some stuff intermediate between the two, 20, wire cloth, second break No. 22, third break No. 2 4 , v: elvet. ThI � work, WhI Ch nat�rally takes . conSIderable not fine en ough for the flour but too good for shorts, is and fourth break No. 24. The material passing through
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican10221881-4827supp fatcat:mp6hh7tuq5g4xo6dblc2xqbj2y