Quality control of SPECT on the basis of analytical SPECT reconstruction methods

Hiroyuki Shinohara, Shin Hasebe, Katuhiro Uchiyama, Masao Obuchi, Kenji Takizawa, Minoru Honda, Yoshio Kuniyasu, Makoto Miyashita, Tomoaki Yamamoto, Yasuo Niio, Takeyuki Hashimoto, Takashi Yokoi (+1 others)
1997 Japanese Journal of Medical Physics  
This study presented a procedure of the quality control of SPECT using analytical SPECT reconstruction methods. These are Fourier domain techniques as described by 1) Bellini et al and 2) Inouye et al. which can invert exactly the attenuated Radon transform by Fourier transforms and series expansions. We implemented these methods on a three -detector SPECT system (Picker Prism 3000 XP STEP) and used the JIS SPECT phantom (Kyoto Kagaku, Japan) and several kinds of phantoms for performance
more » ... ion. Projection data were acquired in 128 x 128 matrix with 3 degree steps over 360 degree circular orbit for total scan time of 20 min. Two energy windows, one at 140keV ± 24% (140keV ± 15%) and other 120keV ± 3% (126keV ± 5%) were used for scatter correction. Attenuation coefficient of water 0.15cm-1 for the 140keV gamma ray of "Tc was used . The computing time was less than 10 sec for one slice of 128 x 128 matrix, thus the analytical SPECT reconstruction methods are applicable to routine quality control use.
doi:10.11323/jjmp1992.17.1_18 fatcat:lbsf3ahzhrbfba2pfhe7kwzxeq