Indonesian Learning Culture Based On Android

Ribka Kowi, Wahyu Tri, S Widyaningsih, Kom, Mmsi
2017 unpublished
Indonesia is the fourth country with the largest population in the world and rich of cultural heritage and local wisdom. However, the majority of Indonesian people are less caring, less knowing and minimum understanding about Indonesian culture because of the lack of facilities to provide information of Indonesian culture. On the other hand, Android development is increasingly rapid and free to develop. This is an opportunity that can be used to build a culture of learning systems to maintain
more » ... e existence Indonesia culture in the eyes of Indonesian people. This research aims to create a system of Indonesian Culture Learning android based mobile application that can be used as a medium of learning Indonesian culture. The methodology of this development is using SDLC which starting from planning, requirements analysis, system design, implementation, testing and maintenance. And using Android Studio as the main program, Photoshop and Microsoft Paint for image processing, and DIA to design UML. Indonesian Learning Culture can display ten kinds of culture, that is: traditional house, traditional food, traditional clothes, traditional dance, traditional language, traditional music instruments, traditional song, tribe, handy craft and tourist attraction. Where each category shows an example of each of the provinces in Indonesia.