Analytical Study of CLOS Guidance Law against Head-on High-Speed Maneuvering Targets

Chia-Chi CHAO, Sou-Chen LEE, Chen-Yaw SOONG
2007 Transactions of the Japan Society for Aeronautical and Space Sciences  
A command to line-of-sight (CLOS) guidance law is developed against head-on high-speed maneuvering targets. Preliminary studies have shown that the aspect angle of the interceptor at lock-on near 180 deg is a fundamental requirement for achieving small miss distance against a very high-speed incoming target. The solutions of missile trajectory obtained before under this guidance scheme seemed tedious and incomplete. Now, in this study, exact and complete solutions which are more general and
more » ... rehensive than those obtained before are derived for head-on high-speed maneuvering targets. Some related important characteristics such as lateral acceleration demand and normalized missile acceleration are investigated and discussed. Additionally, illustrated examples of target maneuvering are introduced to easily describe the trajectory of the target. The results obtained in this study are very significant and practical, and will be useful in actual application.
doi:10.2322/tjsass.50.88 fatcat:bn427ppafjbgbgro6ilfaajt4a