A Study of the Effects of Desmotomy of the Navicular Bone Suspensory Ligament on Radio-Morphometric Features of the Navicular Bone in Normal Donkeys (Equus asinus)

M. Daradka, Z. Bani, A. Ismail, A. Almomany
2015 Journal of Biological Sciences  
Fax: 00962 2 7095123 A B S T R A C T This study was performed to investigate the effects of desmotomy of the Navicular Bone Suspensory Ligament (NBSL) on navicular bone radio-morphometric features and on navicular bone remodeling in normal donkeys (Equus asinus). Twenty normal healthy, adult, local breed donkeys, between 5 and 7 years of age and weighing 120-150 kg were used. Three radiographic views (lateromedial, dorsopalmar and palmaroproximal-palmarodistal oblique) of navicular bones of the
more » ... forelimbs were taken of experimental (n = 15) and control animals (n = 5) before and after desmotomy and every 4 weeks thereafter for 12 months. Radiographic images were used for determining the navicular bone radiometric measurements. The same measurements were then obtained on fresh specimens at the end of the study. The following radio and morphometric measurements were obtained: articular surface width (D1), flexor surface width (D2), length of the navicular bone (D3) and flexor surface thickness (D4). There were no apparent radiographic or gross changes on the navicular bone in experimental animals. Radiometric and morphometric measurements were also similar in control and experimental animals. Results of this study showed that there are no detrimental effects, or abnormal remodeling of the navicular bone due to NBSL desmotomy in donkeys. Results of this study will help veterinarians and practitioners to accurately follow-up on cases radiographically, where NBSL desmotomy was performed.
doi:10.3923/jbs.2015.45.49 fatcat:qfgimyqe2rb6rg7su4m4433ghi