Causes Of Deviation And Delays In Foreign Aid Disbursement: Evidence From Tanzania

Stephen Mnyawi, Bonamax Mbasa, Aisia Lawuo
This study focus on assessing causes of deviation and delays of foreign aid disbursement in Tanzania. It was conducted in 2012 at Manyoni District of Singida region in Tanzania. The study adopted a cross sectional research design and stratified sampling techniques to collect data from a sample of 75 respondents by using questionnaires and interviews. Data analysed and revealed that deviation of foreign aid is a problem in both organizations such as causes of deviations of funds includes
more » ... ds includes occurrence of emergency issues, unlawful personnel, and lack of commitment, failure to meet donor conditions, political influence, and existence of poor project implementation. While causes of delays of foreign aid includes existence of bureaucracy, corruption, stringent conditions, lack of commitment, Lack of accountability, and poor communication, unsatisfactory proposal, poor coordination and poor report Preparation. It is suggested that, in order to reduce the problem of deviation of foreign aid in most of Local Government Authorities and Non government Organizations there is a need to improve the techniques of preparing proposal, increase the level of independent and level of community participation.