Thermomechanical Testing of GGG 40 Spheroidal Graphite Cast Iron Alloy

Marwan Faisal, Eman El-Shenawy, Mohamed A. Taha
2017 Materials Sciences and Applications  
Spheroidal graphite cast iron GGG 40 was thermo-mechanically tested using thermo-mechanical simulator Gleeble-3500. Three deformation steps were successively applied on test-specimen at temperatures namely; 900˚C, 850˚C and 750˚C within the austenitic zone, at the same strain rate of 0.1 s −1 . No cracks were observed, up to 50% deformation, after successive deformation steps. Stress-strain relationship obtained is correlated with previous work on SGCI with a different carbon equivalent. It was
more » ... equivalent. It was found that by decreasing the deformation temperature; for the same CE, young's modulus, yield strength and strain hardening exponent increase. Microstructure of the deformed zone, for a specimen quenched after the final deformation step, reveals fine elongated ferrite and pearlite, as well as elongated graphite. While microstructure of the non-deformed zone subjected to the same treatment, includes coarser ferrite and pearlite with graphite spheres embedded in the matrix.
doi:10.4236/msa.2017.83019 fatcat:6vgyk44s7bd47mlt3v64r3a2va