Effects of Both Similarity of the Evaluation of Impressions, Between Elements, and Font Legibility, on Aesthetic Impression of Packaging

2016 International Journal of Affective Engineering  
A previous study has shown that there is a statistical similarity between the evaluation of impressions of Japanese fonts and of tea beverage package design. Recent research indicates that readable font design is related to subjective fluency. Here, we tested the effects of similarity between the evaluation of impressions of font designs and of package designs, and font legibility, on aesthetic impressions of packaging, using the 16 pictures combining fonts and packaging from the previous
more » ... Thirty-four participants were asked to rate each in terms of aesthetic impressions (Balance, Harmony, Beauty, and Preference) and font legibility. The results showed that the similarity between the evaluation of elements had a greater positive effect on consumers' evaluation of aesthetic impression of packaging by mediation of improving font legibility. In conclusion, our results indicate that similarity between the evaluation of elements, and font legibility may be important when evaluating aesthetic impressions of packaging.
doi:10.5057/ijae.ijae-d-16-00012 fatcat:sewlcafgcrexlkcrcenjzkwmjy