Volodymyr Gorbatenko
2019 Politology bulletin  
The balance between politics and law is a particular area that requires a concerted effort from the legal and political sciences. In line with this, the urgent issue is to find out the particularities of discourse regarding the interaction between politics and law. The purpose of this study is to identify and identify the characteristic features of the basic concepts and categories by which it is expedient to systematize cross-sectoral knowledge in the political and legal sphere. The concept of
more » ... political and legal reality is proposed to include such concepts as «legal policy», «legal law», «political law», «political and legal values», «social state». These concepts are viewed from the following perspective: «legal policy» (the basis of legal legitimation, consolidation and implementation of the political course of the country, the will of official leaders and power structures); «Legal law» (normative legal act, the source of which is the sovereign will of the people and whose task is in accordance with the purpose of law and the nature of social relations); «Political law» (regulatory system aimed at supplementing the formal and legal component of natural law management, regulation of the main political structures); «Political and legal values» (the defining characteristics of the collective and individual consciousness that affect the norms, expectations, standards, which are realized in the relations of people, and also form the new foundations of spiritual, cultural, ideological development); «Social state» (the type of state, the basis of which is the desire to provide every citizen with decent living conditions, social protection, participation in the management of production, and ideally about equal life chances, opportunities for self-realization of the individual). Important for the study of the problems of legal political science are also dichotomous correlations of the categories «monism — pluralism in politics and law», «political will — will in law», «political expediency — legal pragmatism». At the same time, the proposed list is indicative and does not exhaust the possibility of applying other concepts and categories that accompany a rather ambiguous relationship between policy and law. The study applied descriptive and systematic methods that allowed us to summarize and optimize important information to identify key parameters of development and dynamic changes in political and legal reality. In-depth mastery of certain concepts and categories opens new opportunities for further study of state and legal phenomena. In accordance with the tasks of the legal and political sciences, an important problem of the present is the study of boundary problems of politics and law, for a deep understanding of which should combine the resources of the above sciences. First of all, we are talking about the most significant political and legal problems that arise in the context of global state-social transformations.
doi:10.17721/2415-881x.2018.82.18-28 fatcat:wzd66u5hnjg5bkmwahtt7ilzmi