A Combined First Order Logic Representation for SOS Based Distributed Social Network

R Hariharanieee Member
Social network is connected multi node via internet where social activity is done through the social network provider distributed social network. Special type of network system in which component located on network computer communicate and coordinate their action by passing messages. the nodes interact with each other in order to achieve a common goal. This system will work over there characteristics like can currency of component lack of a global clock and independent failure of component. In
more » ... e of component. In This focused to rectify the above draw backs combined first order logic representation for SOS based distributed social network .this tells with the algorithm first order logic ,and TTL means first order predicate logic is composed of statement that are assumed to be true. The statements are composed of a atomic symbols. It is summarized reasoning in which each Sentence or statement is broken down in to a Segment or predict. SOS is very potation to asked frequently question by the user. We have also deployed a pilot version of SOS for use in a small group in Clemson University. The feedback from the users shows that SOS can provide high-quality answers.