G081024 Evaluation of C02 Emissions in a Combined System Composed of Micro Grid and District Heating and Cooling
G081024 マイクログリッドおよび地域冷暖房より構成される複合システムにおけるC02排出量の評価([G081-02]動力エネルギーシステム技術の最前線(2))

Junki KITAGUCHI, Yasuhiro HIGUCHI, Atsushi SAITO, Jiro SENDA
2013 The Proceedings of Mechanical Engineering Congress Japan  
Co − generation systems and district heating and cooling have been applied to urban areas fbr achieving a low − carbon society However, CO2 emissions 丘om operations division includ 血 g commercial buildings are still on the 血 crease . Hence research ofmicro grid is conducted as one ef the countermeasures for achieving a low − carbon society . Ih case micro grid is introduced actUally , it is飴 cilitated by chooshlg a region where district heating and cooling was already applied . Thus in this
more » ... rt , a combined system composed of micro grid and district heating and coolhlg was
doi:10.1299/jsmemecj.2013._g081024-1 fatcat:4b652xztabbkzpm2togf3ndtg4