Renormalization group running of Newton's constantG: The static isotropic case

H. W. Hamber, R. M. Williams
2007 Physical Review D  
Corrections are computed to the classical static isotropic solution of general relativity, arising from non-perturbative quantum gravity effects. A slow rise of the effective gravitational coupling with distance is shown to involve a genuinely non-perturbative scale, closely connected with the gravitational vacuum condensate, and thereby, it is argued, related to the observed effective cosmological constant. Several analogies between the proposed vacuum condensate picture of quantum
more » ... quantum gravitation, and non-perturbative aspects of vacuum condensation in strongly coupled non-abelian gauge theories are developed. In contrast to phenomenological approaches, the underlying functional integral formulation of the theory severely constrains possible scenarios for the renormalization group evolution of couplings. The expected running of Newton's constant G is compared to known vacuum polarization induced effects in QED and QCD. The general analysis is then extended to a set of covariant non-local effective field equations, intended to incorporate the full scale dependence of G, and examined in the case of the static isotropic metric. The existence of vacuum solutions to the effective field equations in general severely restricts the possible values of the scaling exponent ν.
doi:10.1103/physrevd.75.084014 fatcat:ofmyuauidfdtnaamfawubzxrz4