18-124 Interactive Ideas Successful Project Project identification Project description

Irina Rădulescu
2009 unpublished
This issue continues with the presentation of an international project entitled "Increasing access to university education and the quality of education in economics, finance and management Masters by promoting on-line interdisciplinary training" coordinated by associate professor PhD Mihail Vincenţiu Ivan from the Petroleum-Gas University of Ploieşti. In the same issue, we have included a presentation of an international conference: "Réunion du Comité régional de pilotage « Gouvernance
more » ... aire » organised by l'Agence universitaire de la Francophonie on 4-5th December 2008. The editorial event presents the reviews of two books. The first one entitled "Derularea tranzacţiilor comerciale intra şi extra comunitare după aderarea României la Uniunea Europeană" is written by Andrei Dobrescu, Valeriu Potecea and Mihai Sebea and it appeared at the Niculescu Publishing House in 2008 and the second book entitled "L'essentiel de la Stratégie des Organisations" is written by full professor Jean David Avenel from the University Paris XII-Val de Marne. The project responds directly to the general objective of POS-DRU development of human capital and increase competitiveness, by linking education to the labour market and providing new opportunities, for the future involvement on a modern labour market, promoting on the one hand higher quality of education and training, and on the other hand, improving masters' quality and productivity of labour in the companies and facilitate their insertion and promotion on