Inverse relation of E-cadherin and autocrine motility factor receptor expression as a prognostic factor in patients with bladder carcinomas

T Otto, W Birchmeier, U Schmidt, A Hinke, J Schipper, H Rübben, A Raz
1994 Cancer Research  
Down-regulation of E-cadherin, an intercellular adhesion molecule, and up-regulation of autocrine motility factor receptor (gp78) expressions have been shown to play a role in tumor cell invasion and metastasis. Monoclonal antibodies against E-cadherin and gp78 were used to stain serial snap-frozen sections of 12 normal bladder and 83 bladder carcinoma specimens (27 noninvasive, 53 invasive, and 3 metastases). In normal urothelium, E-cadherin is expressed while gp78 is not. Positive expression
more » ... f E-cadherin and negative expression of gp78 were found to be associated with a low risk of clinical progression in the superficial bladder carcinoma patient group. While reduction in E-cadherin concomitantly with an increase in gp78 expression was associated with poor prognosis, 71% of the patients (n = 30) underwent rapid cancer progression, and 32% of the patients died of cancer-related disease at a median of 2 years after initial diagnosis. Thus, it is suggested that reduction of E-cadherin expression associated with an increase in the level of gp78 in bladder cancers may define a high risk group of patients. The dual use of these two antigens may improve early diagnosis of high risk bladder cancer patients and influence treatment decisions.
pmid:8205527 fatcat:ajtkbiiej5anph3jidzo7dxb4u