Effects of Time Lag in Establishment of Deer-proof Fences on Recovery of Floor Vegetation and Regeneration of Tall Trees in a Beech Forest Diminished by Sika Deer Browsing in the Tanzawa Mountains of Central Japan

Atsushi Tamura
2013 Journal of the Japanese Forest Society  
Japan. J Jpn For Soc 95: 8⊖14 Recovery of dwarf bamboo (Sasamorpha borealis) and regeneration of tree species were investigated inside and outside two deer-proof fences in a beech forest diminished by sika deer. One fence was installed in 1997 (1997F) and the other was installed next to it in 2002 (2002F) . The time lag in installing the deer-proof fences was evaluated from the data 7 years after the installation of the fences. The height of the S. borealis protected by 1997F was equal to that
more » ... rotected by 2002F. Coverage of S. borealis inside 1997F grew wider with progress of time, but that inside 2002F did not increase. Floor vegetation inside 1997F consisted of S. borealis (21%) , trees (18%) , and shrubs (35%) in relative dominance, while that inside 2002F consisted solely of shrubs (82%) . The density of regenerated trees higher than S. borealis was 1,250/ha in both 1997F and 2002F. These findings demonstrated that the early establishment of deerproof fences enables the best possible recovery of S. borealis. In contrast, our evaluation suggested that early establishment of deer-proof fences is not necessary for the regeneration of tall trees. Further monitoring is required to predict the future regeneration of trees.
doi:10.4005/jjfs.95.8 fatcat:elawqsxaw5gtvmtp2r4iib62rm