An optimization solution by service science management and engineering (SSME) for using minibuses service as an alternative for private cars around Hentian Kajang in Malaysia

Ali Ahmed Mohammed,
2012 Journal of Civil Engineering and Construction Technology  
There are lots of problems in Hentian Kajang: traffic congestion, unnecessary loss of fuel and global warming are only but a few of these problems. This study is an attempt to understand people's behaviour and modal choice and try to influence them, and public transport. A survey was conducted to develop the choice among private cars, minibuses and trains users, and a total of n=250 questionnaires were distributed. Legit models were developed for the alternative modes of private cars to
more » ... ate cars to minibuses. This study found that the most important variables found likely to encourage the use of public transport reduced travel time and subsidized fares. The data were processed by SPSS software to determine which factors encourage and discourage the use of private, public and minibuses transportation. According to the sensitivity analysis, travel time is 0.48, travel cost reduction is 0.567, frequency is 1.888, and the regularity of schedules is a key factor for change of the use of a minibus when the public viewed them in isolation from other factors that limit this option. As expected, the commuter switches to minibuses.
doi:10.5897/jcect11.028 fatcat:v6lctd4aq5gnne35maladbsine