Ed. D Jeffry M. Fresco
2020 Zenodo  
The organization success depends on the qualities of leadership. Most leaders nowadays have lack of leadership principles and commitments in leadership and thus forget the qualities of being a leader and sometimes they are not responsible to their duties and responsibilities and always looking on his/her own personal interest. Most schools are not competent enough in other aspects of educational system. If the leader has no qualities in leadership he/she has no quality in supervision as well.
more » ... ervision as well. Each leaders has different styles of leadership and sometimes they are not aware of how and what to do as a leader. This study entitled Elementary School Principals Leadership Qualities and Their Quality Supervision was designed to determine the relationship of leadership qualities of elementary school principals for quality supervision among school heads in the Schools Division Office of Laguna. This research examined the relationship between leadership qualities and the quality supervision of elementary school principals to improve the capability of leaders to have qualities in leadership and as well to gain qualities in supervision to increase the quality of education in the country. Leaders must be equipped with qualities in leadership. A questionnaire was used to collect the related data hence establish the relationship between the two types of variables - leadership qualities variable and their quality supervision. The findings of the study showed that the relationship of skill qualities and behavioral qualities to quality supervision has significant relationship. In the significant relationship of leadership qualities to quality supervision has significant relationship it is therefore concluded that the null hypothesis is rejected thus accepts the alternative hypothesis. This study is highly recommends to the school principals in regards to their skills and behavioral qualities to effectively manage the school and posses good communication skill to easily communicate information to the teachers. Maintaining a strong s [...]
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3938917 fatcat:pcajkvcydfgvzkwhbq67vdq4n4