High-Precision Spectroscopy with Counterpropagating Femtosecond Pulses

Itan Barmes, Stefan Witte, Kjeld S. E. Eikema
2013 Physical Review Letters  
An experimental realization of high-precision direct frequency comb spectroscopy using counter-propagating femtosecond pulses on two-photon atomic transitions is presented. Doppler broadened background signal, hampering precision spectroscopy with ultrashort pulses, is effectively eliminated with a simple pulse shaping method. As a result, all four 5S-7S two-photon transitions in a rubidium vapor are determined with both statistical and systematic uncertainties below 10^-11, which is an order
more » ... magnitude better than previous experiments on these transitions.
doi:10.1103/physrevlett.111.023007 pmid:23889396 fatcat:mtt54znm5ndizdlwa6ffliz63i