A radiotracer technique for adsorption and catalysis studies: Application to 14C‐benzene chemisorption and rehydrogenation on Pt(111)

S. M. Davis, B. E. Gordon, M. Press, G. A. Somorjai
1981 Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology  
A radiotracer counting system was developed for adsorption and catalysis studies in ultrahigh vacuum using small area, single crystal surfaces. The counting system utilizes a rugged, compact, and rotatable surface barrier detector with a sensitivity sufficient to detect about lxlo 12 molecules containing carbon-14. The operating characteristics and performance of this counting system are discussed along with its application to studies of 14 c-benzene chemisorption and rehydrogenation on the (111) crystal face of platinum.
doi:10.1116/1.571109 fatcat:enpag5csv5bvzhzolaadrvz5qq