Jejak Pragmatisme dalam Politik di Indonesia (Era 2009 – 2017)

Miftah Faried Hadinatha
2018 Kalimah  
This paper will analyze pragmatism in the political world in Indonesia. Pragmatism is a modern philosophical movement, it was initiated in United States, by C. S. Pierce who was inspired by Immanuel Kant. Pragmatism developed through the thoughts of some fi gures such as John Locke, Gorge Berkley, David Hume, William James and John Dewey. Pragmatism assumes that truth, meaning and the value of an idea must be based on practical aspects. Based on this assumption, the author has a hypothesis that
more » ... what happens in the political world in Indonesia is full of pragmatism. At least this condition can be found in several important aspects such as; the aĴ itude of those politicians that looks massively toward the elections, the party coalitions, while serving in government and the culture of political dynasties. This phenomenon describe that politics in Indonesia is in degradation of ethical values, even from the state of ideology (Pancasila), norms of life and especially from the religious side. This pragmatic aĴ itude is allegedly close to hedonism. The paper was completed with a literature review, by referring to the news about politics in Indonesia since 2009 until 2017. After reviewing an authoritative reference, the authors conclude that pragmatism was ingrained in the practice of political life in Indonesia. Indeed the practice of pragmatic politics is not hesitant to do by who has an interest in politics. Surely this will damage the order of life, and certainly also in the contrary to the values of religiosity, especially Islam as the teachings adopted by the majority of pragmatic political actors. Abstrak Tulisan ini akan menganalisa jejak pragmatisme dalam dunia politik di Indonesia. Pragmatisme sendiri merupakan gerakan fi lsafat abad modern, lahir di Amerika Serikat, dicetuskan oleh C.S. Pierce yang mendapat inspirasi dari pemikiran Immanuel Kant. Ia berkembang melalui pemikiran-pemikiran sejumlah tokoh seperti John Locke, Gorge Berkley, David Hume, William James dan John Dewey. Dalam perkembangannya, pragmatisme berasumsi bahwa kebenaran, arti, nilai dari suatu gagasan harus berdasarkan dari segi
doi:10.21111/klm.v16i2.2872 fatcat:gcwbpb6eejhulg544riz3vzivy