Verifying lossy channel systems has nonprimitive recursive complexity

Ph. Schnoebelen
2002 Information Processing Letters  
Lossy channel systems are systems of finite state automata that communicate via unreliable unbounded fifo channels. It is known that reachability, termination and a few other verification problems are decidable for these systems. In this article we show that these problems cannot be solved in primitive recursive time. channel c 2 a c Figure 1: A channel system with two automata and two channels communication protocols and constitute the semantical basis for ISO protocol specification languages
more » ... uch as SDL and Estelle. Channel systems are Turing powerful, and no verification method for them can be general and fully algorithmic. A few years ago, Abdulla and Jonsson identified lossy channel systems as a very interesting model: in lossy channel systems messages can be lost while they are in transit, without
doi:10.1016/s0020-0190(01)00337-4 fatcat:uclxhpqzgvc5thoklhlpihmpu4