Schist-Variation in Strength-A Case Study

Sukhdev Singh, P S Murthy
2017 IJSTE-International Journal of Science Technology & Engineering |   unpublished
Based on the laboratory assessment in respect of two Garnetiferous Mica Schist(GMS)-drawn from two vertical drill holes of a project in the Himalayas, the effect of strength/behavior of the rock are presented here, though they are the same rock variant from the left bank of the project, one from the dam axis and other from the Powerhouse location. The laboratory evaluation of various strengths and identification properties are further discussed, based on the, influence of strength and failure
more » ... ttern. Because of significant variation in case of GMS, drawn from two vertical drillholes, these are considered separate rock variants as GMS1 for Dam axis drillhole and GMS2 for Powerhouse drillhole location. The GMS from the powerhouse location i.e GMS2 from the extreme left drill hole of the project is found to be superior in respect of all assessed engineering parameters (except bulk density in dry and saturated, including grain density).