APM Z >=4 QSO Survey: Spectra and Intervening Absorption Systems

L. J. Storrie-Lombardi, R. G. McMahon, M. J. Irwin, C. Hazard
1996 Astrophysical Journal  
The APM multicolor survey for bright z > 4 objects, covering 2500 deg^2 of sky to m(R)~19, resulted in the discovery of thirty-one quasars with z > 4. High signal-to-noise optical spectrophotometry at 5A resolution has been obtained for the twenty-eight quasars easily accessible from the northern hemisphere. These spectra have been surveyed to create new samples of high redshift Lyman-limit systems, damped Lyman-alpha absorbers, and metal absorption systems (e.g. CIV and MgII). In this paper we
more » ... ). In this paper we present the spectra, together with line lists of the detected absorption systems. The QSOs display a wide variety of emission and absorption line characteristics, with 5 exhibiting broad absorption lines and one with extremely strong emission lines (BR2248-1242). Eleven candidate damped Ly-alpha absorption systems have been identified covering the redshift range 2.83.5). An analysis of the measured redshifts of the high ionization emission lines with the low ionization lines shows them to be blueshifted by 430+/-60 km/s. In a previous paper (Storrie-Lombardi et. al. 1994) we discussed the redshift evolution of the Lyman limit systems catalogued here. In subsequent papers we will discuss the properties of the Ly-alpha forest absorbers and the redshift and column density evolution of the damped Ly-alpha absorbers.
doi:10.1086/177676 fatcat:46v5w33wyvaxxehehgtov472ta