Poriferan chitin: 3D scaffolds from nano- to macroscale. A review

2020 Letters in Applied NanoBioScience  
Modern scaffolding strategy with respect to chitin is based on the application of naturally prefabricated 3D chitinous scaffolds of both aquatical and terrestrial invertebrates origin, mostly in the form of decellularized matrices. The sources of such constructs should be renewable or represent biodegradable and non-toxic waste materials. Sponges (Porifera) have been recognized among the first multicellular organisms on Earth having survived for more than 500 million yearsdue to their ability
more » ... synthetize robust skeletons with uniquely developed microporous 3D architecture and protect themselves from predatory microorganisms through the production of diverse secondary metabolites with multi-target biological activities. In this study, we analysed the occurrence of naturally pre-designed 3D chitinous matrices reported in sponges on nano-, micro- and macro-scale levels for the first time. Special focus is dedicated to the practical applications of such unique constructs in biomedicine.
doi:10.33263/lianbs92.10041014 fatcat:znklp7jgmzgvnlzdvfiexy5j3a