Analysis of the nuclear fusion process based on potential barriers modified by coupling effects

H.D. Marta, M.R. Spinella, J.E. Testoni, O. Dragún
2004 Brazilian journal of physics  
Partial wave analysis and the decoupling of the wave equations based on potential barriers modifi ed by coupling effects are applied in the study of the fusion process in medium heavy nuclei. Several relevant physical quantities are calculated in order to provide evidence of underline reaction mechanisms that determine characteristics of fusion excitation functions and barrier distributions. The influence of Q-values is especially considered. The method is applied for the neutron transfer
more » ... tron transfer reaction in the 17 O + 144 Sm system.
doi:10.1590/s0103-97332004000500029 fatcat:y2lyvcc4tvc3lbyub3on7yuwom