Afterglow mode and the new micropulsed beam mode applied to an electron cyclotron resonance ion source

L. Maunoury, L. Adoui, J. P. Grandin, F. Noury, B. A. Huber, E. Lamour, C. Prigent, J. P. Rozet, D. Vernhet, P. Leherissier, J. Y. Pacquet
2008 Review of Scientific Instruments  
An increasing number of experiments in the field of low energy ion physics (< 25 keV/charge) requires pulsed beams of highly charged ions. Whereas for high-intensity beams (> µA) a pulsed beam chopper, installed downstream to the analyzing dipole, is used. For low-intensity beams (< 100 nA) the ion intensity delivered during the pulse may be increased by operating the ECR discharge in the afterglow mode [1]. This method gives satisfactory results (ie average current during the beam pulse is
more » ... er than the current in the CW mode) for high charge state ions. In this paper, we report on results of the afterglow mode for beams of 22 Ne q+ , 36 Ar q+ and 84 Kr q+ ions. Furthermore, a new promising "Micro Pulsed Beam" mode will be described with encouraging preliminary results for 84 Kr 27+ and 36 Ar 17+ ions. PACS N°: 07.77.Ka, 29.25.Ni, 52.25.Jm Keywords: plasma ion sources, electron cyclotron resonance, afterglow discharge, particle beam bunching a Contributed paper, published as part of the
doi:10.1063/1.2812340 pmid:18315103 fatcat:i5sg2cplgzczrjwfpifnlu7zx4