Inter-Seasonal Precipitation Variability over Southern China Associated with Commingling Effect of Indian Ocean Dipole and El Niño

Chaizi Heng, Sun-Kwon Yoon, Jong-Suk Kim, Lihua Xiong
2019 Water  
This study analyzed temporal and regional responses of precipitation to the Indian Ocean Dipole (IOD) over southern China and the differences between IOD-only and El Niño–southern oscillation–IOD cases. The Mann–Kendall test and intentionally biased bootstrapping were used. The results revealed three main phases (development and peak, decay, and aftermath) of percentage changes in seasonal total rainfall and showed the most positive sensitivity to positive IOD events in southern China.
more » ... El Niño played an essential role in intensifying the positive response to positive IOD events in the first and second phases while contributing little to the third. In terms of precipitation variability (frequency, intensity, and magnitude), seasonal maximum 1-day precipitation and maximum number of consecutive dry days were more sensitive to positive IOD events than the maximum number of consecutive wet days and simple daily precipitation intensity index. This study enhances knowledge of the temporal and spatial sensitivity of precipitation features to positive IOD events over southern China.
doi:10.3390/w11102023 fatcat:riyc4blwjnd5pj55eaapgapiya