Minutes of Public Service meeting Room 486

Alberta Bailey, Beth Juhl, Lora Jetton, Luti Salisbury, Tess Gibson, Philip Jones, George Fowler
2010 unpublished
the libraries encountered the same error that occurred with other units on campus. UITS is working to solve the problem since the problem is most likely on the server side. An update will be given when PrintSmart is going live again. A question was asked about what will happen if a patron has issues printing once the system is up again because it can't be 100% reliable. Several specific situations that had occurred yesterday while the system was in place were brought up as examples. It was
more » ... sted that a backup card be in place for use when an error with the system occurs. It was then mentioned that the library shouldn't have to pay for the copies when it is an error in the system. The discussion then went into concern over students who are not enrolled during the summer or pre-registered but are on campus during the summer, as well as students who are here under sponsored programs. Bailey indicated that she had spoken to UITS about this and that everyone who has an email account will get the quota for now, but will be revisited. The option of having duplex printing available in the branch libraries was then discussed. It was determined that refurbished HP connectors will be provided for the Physics and Chemistry Libraries, and a new printer with duplex capabilities will be purchased for Performing Arts and Media. For now Fine Arts Library will not have duplex, but will monitor to determine the demand, since the use is usually not to have images on both sides. There was a short discussion about who provides the paper and toner for the machines. Initially the library will continue to supply both paper and toner and monitor the costs so that a funds transfer can be done later. The request for PrintSmart signs for the branches was made to UITS and is under consideration. Extreme Makeover Update Fowler reported that wiring in closet 221A will continue through the week, but he had just been informed the head electrician will be out Thursday afternoon and all day Friday. Work will still continue without him, but it may not be done as fast as anticipated. It was reported at the recent meeting of EMTF that progress is on track for the makeover. Furniture was ordered and should be here around July 29 th. The "airport" seating for in the middle was not ordered to