You Should Get Screened for Colon Cancer, Really

Uri Ladabaum
2019 JAMA Network Open  
You should do it-it's good for you. We constantly receive messages like this. Sometimes these messages are grounded in evidence and concern over our well-being (quit smoking, exercise, wear a seatbelt) and sometimes not (use my proprietary colon detoxifier). The recommendation to undergo colorectal cancer (CRC) screening unquestionably belongs in the first group. Screening for CRC is proven to decrease the risk of disease-specific morbidity and mortality, it can probably extend life expectancy,
more » ... nd life expectancy, 1 and it should be relatively easy: it is not a daily commitment, like taking lipid-lowering medication; it does not deny a pleasure, like giving up smoking or certain foods; it does not demand sustained vigorous effort, like an exercise program. So, problem solved. Except that we all know it's not. Screening for CRC is a case study on fundamental ethical ARTICLE INFORMATION
doi:10.1001/jamanetworkopen.2019.10452 pmid:31469390 fatcat:qyy6aco7cvcfhdvwhdi7cmg664