How Can Green Technology Be Possible

Xiaoqing Heng, Chengxiao Zou
2010 Asian Social Science  
According to the basic forms of inquisition into the possibility of green technology, we have to commence from three aspects in order to resolve the issue of how could green technology be possible. Firstly, to analyze the ecological paradox of technology per se so as to solve the question of whether a technology can be green. Secondly, to make clear the premise for a technology to be green and the standards of green technology to solve the problem of how the technology can be green; Finally, we
more » ... must start with the ecological assessment of green technology and draw a clear distinction of the green technology to resolve the problem of how green a technology is. The concept of Green Technology (Note 1) originated from the social ecological movement of western industrialized countries in 1960s and 1970s. Green technology refers to the generic terms of technology, industrial art or products which can reduce environmental pollution and diminish employment of raw materials, natural resources and energy. Generation of this concept rooted in reflection upon destruction of the ecological environment and threat to human beings' survival by modern technologies, and can be regarded as one of the symbols of emergence of ecological philosophy, ecological culture and ecological civilization. Considering the status quo of research on green technology both at home and abroad, it seems that green technology has already been widely accepted after entry into the twenty-first Century, and most researches focus on specific fields, such as green technology innovation, green technology development and green technology expansion, etc, while philosophical reflections upon and inquiry into green technology become fewer. This, obviously, is neither helpful for in-depth understanding in green technology nor favorable for further development of green technology. In this article, the authors are going to start from the immanent contradictions of the concept of green technology and explore the basic problem of "how can green technology be possible"
doi:10.5539/ass.v6n5p110 fatcat:3ljhhi5mhfbdfkp2kr4gj4fvbe