The Use of Wavelets in Image Interpolation: Possibilities and Limitations

M. Grgic, S. Grgic, E. Dumic
2007 Radioengineering  
Discrete wavelet transform (DWT) can be used in various applications, such as image compression and coding. In this paper we examine how DWT can be used in image interpolation. Afterwards proposed method is compared with two other traditional interpolation methods. For the case of magnified image achieved by interpolation, original image is unknown and there is no perfect way to judge the magnification quality. Common approach is to start with an original image, generate a lower resolution
more » ... wer resolution version of original image by downscaling, and then use different interpolation methods to magnify low resolution image. After that original and magnified images are compared to evaluate difference between them using different picture quality measures. Our results show that comparison of image interpolation methods depends on downscaling technique, image contents and quality metric. For fair comparison all these parameters need to be considered.
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